Transformation is our passion.

Profluence helps individuals, teams, and organizations unfold their stories and transform their lives by offering coaching and training programs that combine mind, body, and data to achieve desired performance and business ROI. 

Through a unique coaching experience that takes inspiration from different cultures and methods, including the Integral Enneagram IQE9 Personality Test, yoga principles, Jungian theory, and narrative coaching, clients can explore their personal map and navigate with clear guidance their transformational flows. 


Empower people to feel connected and use their story to shape a meaningful existence.


To enable personal transformation for people to move in life through conscious choices over time.


Perseverance                 Joy

Claudia Z. Lopez

Founder, Claudia Z. Lopez is a coach, consultant, and writer.

Claudia graduated in Finance and International Relations at Universidad Externado de Colombia and has a master’s in Development Policy and Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin.

She is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach, Enneagram (IEQ9) coach, narrative coach, integrative development practitioner, and Jivamukti Yoga teacher.

With her expertise,  she has helped hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide, high-performance teen athletes, parents, groups, and teams. As founder of Profluence, Claudia also collaborates with several coaching companies worldwide.

Her extensive leadership and coaching background includes environments such as convents, non-profits, governmental agencies, universities, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Fluent in five languages (EN, ES, PT, IT, FR), she is a versatile, high-level communicator and technical expert at moving people and companies forward.


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