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The Profluence Global Virtual Community facilitates genuine and meaningful connections that go beyond geographic barriers.

This is a space to foster authentic relationships and transformation.

All of our programs have a component of community held virtually on an intimate and exclusive platform.

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The Balanced Athlete Master

Helping young athletes improve their performance while recharging.
This program teaches how to use self-awareness and mindfulness practices to manage pressure and stress, through blended learning sessions (all virtual).

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The Enneagram Map

This is an opportunity to study the Enneagram Personality test and use it at its best capabilities.

Prerequisite: you must know your Enneagram type or take the IEQ9.

> This program is offered twice a year.

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Free Alignment Space

Experience movement and get in touch with your own body, using yoga as a channel: breath (pranayama), movement (asana), concentration (dharana), and meditation (dhyana).

Access your body’s wisdom, connections, and intelligence.

> Multilingual for all.

Free Alignment Space community.
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How do we get lost in the fixation of our Enneagram type and how do we find the way to our highest potential using the wisdom of the Enneagram? 


We gather in conversation and exploration with space for questions and comments.
These sessions are interactive and because of their intimate nature, they are not recorded. 

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