Enneagram Type 2 – What Can We Learn?

Enneagram Type 2

Enneagram Type 2 – What Can We Learn?

The Enneagram is a complex system that can guide our efforts to change the particular and repetitive aspects of how we think, feel, and act (patterns) that limit us and get in the way of achieving the results we want. While we all can identify with all of the types in one way or another, we tend to fixate or see and act in the world from one specific type.

This is a very basic guide to Enneagram Type 2. Type 2 represents that part in all of us that assumes an elevated view of ourselves and wants to be liked by others. Regardless of our type, we can discover the wisdom of the journey from pride to humility that Enneagram Type 2 knows so well.

Center of Intelligence: Heart

Focus of Attention: Reading others. Focus on relationships. Want to get approval and seduce others in order to meet their own disowned needs.

Patterns of:

     Behavior: Friendly. Driven and hardworking, especially when serving others. Can play the role of martyr sacrificing their own needs but suffering for it and expecting reliance on others.

    type 2 Feeling: Twos fear rejection and may feel emotionally conflicted. They can express or repress feelings to please others.

     Thinking: Tend to be empathetic, aware of the human aspect of life, and sensitive to people’s needs and feelings.

     Passion —Pride functions as a separation mechanism. Self-inflation will automatically put others in a different situation. Generosity is discolored by this self-inflation. The attempt to win over others by fulfilling their needs or seducing them just perpetuates the separation!

Path to Integration: Pride and self-inflation locate the other in an inferior position. This need originates in a devalued sense of self. The word humility comes from the Latin word humus, which means ground. Humility is not self-devaluation but the recognition of everyone’s value, which translated into the peaceful acceptance of our own worthiness.