Enneagram Type 3 – What Can We Learn?

Enneagram Type 3

Enneagram Type 3 – What Can We Learn?

Enneagram Type 3

The Enneagram is a complex system that can guide our efforts to change the particular and repetitive aspects of how we think, feel, and act (patterns) that limit us and get in the way of achieving the results we want. While we all can identify with all of the types in one way or another, we tend to fixate or see and act in the world from one specific type.

This is a very basic guide to Enneagram Type 3. Type 3 represents the part in all of us that seeks to create an image to survive in the world and identifies with it. Regardless of our type, Type 3 teaches us how to discover the wisdom of the journey from vanity to hope that they know so well.

Center of Intelligence: Heart

Focus of Attention: Tasks and goals. Sense of identity in doing rather than being.

Patterns of:

Behavior: Fast-paced individuals who have difficulty just being. Typically, they are effective and productive and can be workaholics. Enjoy being in leadership positions.

Feeling: Tend to avoid their feelings as they can get in the way of productivity. Have an exceptional ability to read what the environment deems as successful and becoming that.

Thinking: Threes have a laser beam focus on goals and are invested in doing the best job possible. They want to win and be the best.

Passion —Vanity: vanity motivates Enneagram Type 3 to present an image of self. The unconscious tendency to present an image that is perceived as positive demonstrates a need to control the outcome.

Path to Integration: Trying to control the outcome is trying to control the flow of things. The opposite is to trust that life will unfold without needing to do so much.